What is PIIT28®?

Pilates. Intense. Interval. Training. This class fuses the unmatched core sculpting effects of Pilates with the powerful fat burning power of HIIT.


Why become a PIIT28® Trainer?

It's a workout high on the next level

If PIIT28® makes you feel confident, powerful, and unstoppable, but you want something more...THIS is that more.

You'll impact so many lives

Imagine stepping into a room full of people and being the reason why their day went from blah to total sweaty BLISS.

Get paid to do what excites you

Once you get certified, you can start teaching at gyms and leading your own bootcamps! Be rewarded for inspiring others. 

Here's what to expect in training:

Train right from home

This is a fully accredited online training course that will prepare you to become a certified PIIT28® Trainer - no traveling required! Once you sign up, you will gain access all the tools you'll need to earn your certification. 

Master 100+ exercises

When you finish your training, you will know how to perform and effectively teach each of the 100+ PIIT28® moves. You'll fully understand the techniques and the science behind each exercise with absolute confidence.

Learn the PIIT28® Formula

We will teach you the exact formula to crafting your own PIIT28® routines. Once you master this, you will be able to teach multiple classes a week and expertly coach students of all levels as a certified PIIT28® Trainer.

PIIT28® Trainer Certification Workshop includes:

  • PIIT28® Official Trainer Manual (digital e-book)
  • Educational video training course
  • Lifetime access to the PIIT28® Instructor Portal with class templates, playlists, and so much more!
  • Lifetime access to teach PIIT28® without any hidden or recertifying fees
  • Access to complete PIIT28® Exercise Video Library
  • All the tools you'll need to pass your certification exam
  • $199 USD





After you learn the materials, there will be an online exam and video evaluation to show that you are teaching a safe and effective class.

You can sign up to get certified HERE.

You must be at least 18 years old.

YES! You can get certified anywhere in the world. Sign up HERE.

Once you are certified, you have a license to teach anywhere including gyms, studios or even at the park!

No, you will learn everything you need to know in the online training.

You may need to get a primary group fitness certification prior to teaching at certain facilities but we do not require that to earn your certification. Having a primary group fitness certificate is dependent upon the facility where you teach classes and the rules in your country.

No, your initial certification fees give you Lifetime access to teach PIIT28®!

You will get detailed feedback and an action plan. You will then have another 60 days to practice and re-submit your evaluation video for a $25 fee.

Any other questions?

email [email protected]


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