The Blogilates 28 Day Reset

Did you know that the way you eat is responsible for 80% of the way you look and feel? YES. 80! So, if you want to speed up the body transformation process as well as enhance your speed and strength through your PIIT28 workouts, then you need to pay attention to how optimally you are fueling your body.

That is why I created The Blogilates 28 Day Reset, my ultimate nutritional guide and comprehensive cookbook, to help you rediscover your body’s true balance. My guide contains over 150+ clean eating recipes that I developed alongside trained chefs and nutrition coaches to ensure that these meals are DELICIOUS and nutritiously dense.

First, I take you through a 28 day omission challenge where we will be safely taking out dairy, added sugars, gluten, and processed grains from our diet in order to discover any food sensitivities you may be unaware of. You may find that certain foods give you acne, while others make you uncomfortably bloated and lethargic. Our goal is to find unhealthy trends and kill habits that don’t feel good.

After you finish the 28 day omission challenge, you will feel lighter and tighter all over. This is because the challenge will flush out extra toxins in your body and cleanse you from the inside out. It’s amazing. I’ve done this 28 day omission challenge before photo shoots and big events with a very noticeable drop in my body fat percentage. Paired with PIIT28, you’ll be unstoppable!

After you complete the first 28 days, I will show you how to safely add back in the foods that are optimal for your body. You will learn how to be your own best nutritionist, as you are the expert of your body.


Here’s what you will receive when you get The Blogilates 28 Day Reset:

  • The Blogilates 28 Day Reset Nutrition Guide E-book (Instant download!)
  • The 28 Day Reset Meal Plan (4 weeks)
  • The 28 Day Reset Grocery Lists (4 weeks)
  • Over 150+ unique clean-eating Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack recipes to create your own unique mix ‘n match meal plans based on your body’s needs for the next 8 weeks and beyond
  • 8 fill-in Meal Planning Calendars
  • 8 fill-in Grocery Lists
  • Mix 'n Match Protein, Fat and Carb Chart (for recipe substitutions)
  • 100+ pages of full color, taste bud tantalizing food photography
  • Lifetime Membership to The 28 Day Reset Foodie Forum
  • Vegan plan is also available!

This nutritional guide is the only guide you will EVER need to pair with any of my workout plans. With endless meal planning combinations, you will NOT get bored of your food.

I highly recommend that when you take the PIIT28 Challenge, you do PIIT28 1.0 and The Blogilates 28 Day Reset together. They are made for each other and will give you RIDICULOUS RESULTS when followed simultaneously.

Even if you're thinking, “I don’t have time”, don't worry...I am going to show you how to get the fat burning benefits of what a normal person can achieve in a whole hour…in just 28 min and 40 sec a day.


No joke! These are the workouts that I personally do. I designed PIIT28 for myself when I was traveling too much and was getting unmotivated and frustrated every time the gym was closed, too far, too full…or there wasn’t a gym at all!

So I challenged myself to find a way to make my body sweat and get stronger using little time, NO EQUIPMENT and barely any space.

And that is how PIIT28 came to be. It stands for PILATES INTENSE INTERVAL TRAINING and takes only 28 min and 40 sec a day.

Combining the best core strengthening exercises from my format POP Pilates® with the most intense cardio elements of HIIT, PIIT28 has gotten me FITTER, FASTER. You will be sweating in the first 7 minutes and then you’ll be done in 28 min and 40 sec.

Why is it so fast but so effective?

Studies have shown that hour-long workouts don’t necessarily mean you are burning more calories. When I get you to push to your max, PIIT28 will get you burning more fat and more calories in half the time.


Your workout consists of unique moves that will each be performed for only 45 seconds. You will be hitting your maximal effort each time you finish a move, thus turning you into a FAT BURNING MACHINE during the workout and for hours and hours after you’re done. 

Here’s what PIIT28 will do for you:

  • Cut your workout time in half
  • Melt all-over body fat fast
  • Increase your resting metabolism
  • Build lean muscle with no equipment
  • Sculpt the strongest Pilates abs ever
  • Improve your posture so that you’ll look taller
  • Increase your confidence and happiness levels
  • Find new friends and make real relationships with like-minded people

Once you join the PIIT28 Portal, you will be surrounded by the most vibrant, hard-working, and supportive group of friends you’ve ever had! You won’t just receive the E-book and be left to fend for yourself! No way. The reason why my students have achieved their best lifestyles and strongest physiques is because they had people who believed in them along the way.


So what do you get when you join PIIT28?

  • The PIIT28 Full 28 Day Program E-book (Instant download!)
  • The PIIT28 Workout Calendar
  • The #PIITstagram Challenge Calendar
  • 11 expertly filmed follow-along workout videos
  • 11 beautifully photographed printable workouts
  • 60 unique exercises to keep your muscles shocked and to keep you from getting bored
  • 77 animated GIFs that you can reference when you want to exercise without watching the videos
  • Lifetime membership to the PIIT28 Portal
  • BONUS – The PIIT28 GET FLEXY Supplemental Guide which includes your daily Warm Up and Flexibility Training routines.

This is EXCLUSIVE material that will live inside the PIIT28 Portal for members only, as it will not be released to the public.

If you follow the PIIT28 Program as I have specifically planned for you, you will sculpt your strongest, fittest body while having fun. The 28 days will go by fast, and you will get addicted to the results as well as how GOOD you will feel!

Notice how I am not focused on making you lose weight. If you focus on the scale, and it never budges, you will get frustrated. In the PIIT28 Program, I will show you how to shift your mindset and focus on pushing yourself past your limits, while enjoying the journey. Then just like magic, you will see your body changing too. Nice bonus right?

Sign up to receive your materials now and get ready for an amazing next 28 days with me and your new #PIIT28 teammates!

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