Perfect 10 Cookbook

Finally! The 28 Day Reset...for people with no time!

If you’ve ever wanted to do the Reset, but felt like you couldn’t commit to the food prep - this is your answer.

All of the 70+ brand new recipes inside my Perfect 10 digital cookbook contain 10 ingredients or less and take 10 minutes or less to cook, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options!*

*10 ingredients or less not counting seasoning like salt & pepper :)

So what is it?

When I first developed the The 28 Day Reset, it was an experiment to help me tackle my acne and bloating issues. I didn’t want to create a diet - I wanted to create a power tool to help me better understand what my body was trying to say to me.

After years of testing different meals alongside certified nutritionists, we found that the 5 types of foods that were likely to cause the most discomfort and irritation to the body were:

1. Dairy
2. Added sugars
3. Gluten
4. Processed grains
5. Alcohol

So, when you follow the specific Reset meal plan, you will remove those foods from your diet to cleanse your body for 28 days. Instead, you’ll nourish my body with whole, natural, tasty meals that will fill you up and energize you!

What will the Reset do?

Every time I do the Reset, during those 4 weeks, my skin immediately clears up, my bloating diminishes, I feel tighter all around and I no longer feel tired. Many people have lost anywhere between 5 to 15 lbs in those 28 days just by changing the way they eat! No counting calories or starving yourself. Just eating good, real food.

It sounds crazy, but the truth is - what we eat controls about 80% of the way we look and feel! So when we’re not paying attention to what we’re eating when we’re dining out or mindlessly munching on bags of processed snacks, our bodies react in the form of weight gain, bloat, acne, lethargy etc.

How much can I eat?

Each day you’ll be having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and up to 2 snacks if you’re still feeling hungry! All the Perfect 10 recipes are 100% swappable with the meals in your 28 Day Reset Nutrition Guide meal plan, so it’s the perfect supplemental cookbook!

I created this cookbook to save you time while still being able to commit to the healthy lifestyle you deserve. When you purchase Perfect 10, I will send you an email to immediately download your e-book! No time wasted on can access your cookbook on your phone, laptop, or tablet!

If you’re still looking for an in-depth meal plan (vegan option available), I suggest you begin with The 28 Day Reset Nutrition Guide!

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